3M Certified Graphics Installation in New Jersey

3M certification is a big deal.  It means that you’re the best of the best and have passed the audition.  And that status is one the graphics gurus at ImageFleet are proud to have achieved.

Many are called, but few are chosen, but the quality of ImageFleet’s graphics installations is so high that the 3M company is happy to put its stamp of approval on it.  That means a lot to us, so we wanted to share what that means with those of you who’ve come here seeking 3M certified graphics installation in New Jersey.

Wrap masters

Specifically, the 3M certification means we’re vinyl wrap masters, who’ve got the chops to deliver superior quality work with every installation, without fail.

The process is an exacting one.  If you desire 3M certification, then you’ve got to be ready to go through the mill, demonstrating that you’re up to the designation.  3M doesn’t put its name on just any old graphics company.  They only choose the best.

The standards ImageFleet had to meet to attain this certification are set out by both 3M and the UASG (United Applications Standard Group).

Whether wrapping a vehicle, a floor, a wall or any surface at all, the 3M certification means we’ve reached the pinnacle of quality and expertise.

The hurdles

Those who apply must submit a portfolio, prove they’ve been in business for a set number of years and carry adequate insurance to protect customer property.

Also required is a list of references.  Each client reference must respond to a series of questions, rating the applicant in 5 separate categories, within a set period.

3M then sends a representative for an onsite interview, during which the applicant’s responses are graded.  Part of the interview is the representative observing a wrap installation in progress.

No pressure, right?

But then, there’s the written evaluation and a further practical evaluation, involving a variety of surfaces.  Participants must respond to the written evaluation questions with 80% as the benchmark for passing.

But we’re not done yet!  3M and UASG must then mutually accept the applicant for certification.  And the process is never over, as 3M must be convinced that we’re upholding its standards and also, undergoing ongoing training for new materials and processes.

We made it because we rock

If you’ve got a graphics project requiring a vinyl wrap, then knowing ImageFleet is certified by the manufacturer is all you need to know.  It means we’ve not only passed the audition, but that we need to keep passing it to maintain our status.

And that’s great news for our clients, because they get 3M and UASG certified quality, proficiency and up-to-the-minute expertise with ImageFleet.

For all your graphics needs, ImageFleet provides 3M certified graphics installation in New Jersey that brings you the highest level of achievement in vinyl wraps and so many other graphics needs.

We’ve done what we needed to do to stand apart and win your business.

Why settle for second best?  Contact us and get the very best for your brand.