Whether you’re going to a trade show, an exposition or a convention, or even just transporting product, you don’t want to blend into the mass of vehicles out on the streets of New Jersey.

You want your brand to get noticed!

And that’s why I’m going to tell you about 3M trailer wraps near me in NJ.

For ages, I was satisfied with a generic trailer.  Not a scrap of branding on it.  Because I thought of the amenity in practical terms, I was missing half the story.

ROI You’ll Love

If you’re reading this, you’re mulling over the cost of a 3M trailer wrap and trying to discern if the investment is worth the outlay.  I get that.  I went through the same thought process when I finally decided to find out more about 3M trailer wraps near me in NJ.

And here’s what I found out:

  • 95% of US consumers drive vehicles
  • 90% of those consumers will be reached by vehicle branding
  • 80% will remember your brand
  • On average, 600 to 1,000 consumers (per mile) are going to see your trailer
  • Imagine that your investment in vehicle branding will cost you between 35 and 77 cents, as opposed to $23 for newspaper advertising – for the same reach!

Earning thousands of impressions, understand that those consumers who remember your brand are potential customers.  So, ask yourself – what’s the average annual buy of your loyal customers?  How much do your customers spend on with you during unique visits at the Point of Sale?

Even the simplest math tells you that the implications for your bottom line are unbelievable! 

Devote less budget to advertising for a better ROI?  Believe it!

3M Certified

I knew that if I wanted 3M quality, that I should probably go with a vendor who had 3M certification, so I did my homework and found ImageFleet.

These guys are known for their exceptional graphics design, but they’re also certified by one of the icons of the industry.  The process to obtain this certification is rigorous and demanding but the pros at ImageFleet made it happen. 

They passed the audition and that gave me total confidence in their work.

Not every graphics outfit can claim that kind of professional validation and when you find one that can, you know you’re working with the best.

3M Trailer Wraps Near Me In NJ

A generic trailer gets the job done.  It gets you where you want to go.  But while it’s getting there, wouldn’t you like it to be earning you new brand loyalists in the process?

That’s what 3M trailer wraps near me in NJ can do.  Since I’ve had my trailer branded, I’ve noticed a spike in sales.  So now, my entire fleet is branded by the graphics masters at ImageFleet.  Turning heads everywhere they go, my trailer and vehicles are in the spotlight, with my brand front and center.

When I head to a show or exposition now, all eyes are on my brand.

And that’s good business. Contact ImageFleet.  Get seen!