Whether you’re headed to a convention, an exposition or a trade show, or even just hauling product, you don’t want to disappear among thousands of vehicles on the streets of New York.

You want to turn heads!

That’s why I’m about to tell you about 3M trailer wraps near me in NY.

For years, I was content with a generic trailer.  Not a hint of branding on it, but because I thought of my trailer in practical terms, I was missing the forest for the trees.

Crazy ROI

If you’re reading this, you’re considering the cost of a 3M trailer wrap and weighing whether the investment is going to work for you.  I understand that.  I looked at the same question when I finally went ahead and investigated the marketing value of 3M trailer wraps near me in NY.

And here’s what I discovered:

  • 95% of American consumers drive
  • 90% of those consumers see vehicle branding, while driving
  • 80% remember the vehicle branding they see
  • 600 to 1,000 consumers, per mile, are going to see your branding
  • That means your vehicle branding investment will cost you between 35 and 77 cents, instead of $23 for newspaper advertising – for the same reach!  In fact, it beats all other marketing strategies

With thousands of impressions daily, it’s key to know that those consumers who remember your brand are potential customers.  So, what do your loyal customers spend with you annually?  How much do your customers spend during single visits, at the Point of Sale?

Even simple math will tell you that the impact to your bottom line will be crazy, in the best possible way! 

Get a better ROI for a lower advertising spend?  It’s true!

3M Certification

If I wanted 3M quality, I knew I should probably hire a vendor with 3M certification, so I did my homework and found ImageFleet.

These guys are renowned for their extraordinary graphic design, but they’re also certified by one of the industry’s giants.  Requirements to obtain this certification are demanding and rigorous but the masters at ImageFleet did it.  They passed with flying colors and that gave me complete confidence in their work.

Not every graphics company can boast that level of professional validation and when you find one that can, you know you’re working with leaders in the sector.

3M Trailer Wraps Near Me In NY

A generic trailer does the job.  That’s true.  It serves its intended purpose.  But while it’s serving that purpose, wouldn’t it be amazing if it was earning you new, loyal customers while doing so?

That’s what 3M trailer wraps near me in NY can achieve.  Since I’ve had my trailer branded, I’ve seen a tremendous sales spike.  So now, my whole fleet is branded by the graphics professionals at ImageFleet.  Making new friends everywhere they go, my trailer and vehicles are front and center, with my brand in the spotlight.

When I go to a show or exposition now, I’m a known quantity – not anonymous.

And that’s smart business. Contact ImageFleet.  Turn heads!