Are Architectural Wraps Effective in Promoting a Business?

Black and gray stipe Architectural Wrap for the GYM

Businesses typically use vinyl wraps for advertising the brand around town because the attractive graphics can catch people’s attention. But many business establishments have also started utilizing architectural wraps for their walls – whether it’s for advertising or simply changing the interior design at a low-cost price.

In this article, we will discuss what makes architectural wraps a good way to promote a business.

Advertising Your Business with Architectural Wraps

It’s hard to persuade customers to purchase something from the shop if boring walls are staring right back at them. With architectural wraps, it’s easy to design the walls with eye-catching graphics that can promote the products and the brand itself. Use architectural wraps to reinforce the company brand and make it unforgettable for potential customers.

What Makes Architectural Wraps the Best Way to Promote a Brand?

Architectural wraps can be used to change the appearance of the drab walls inside the building, but it can also be used outside the property to attract the attention of many passersby. Here are three important benefits that make wall wraps a worthwhile investment:

1. Wraps Are Cost-Effective

If the establishment is built in the middle of the city where there is high foot traffic, many people tend to notice ads that are posted on the building. Posters and pamphlets are easily ignored because of their small size, but gigantic building wraps won’t be missed.

Around half of the customers that enter a shop every day are tempted to check the store because of the “on-premise” signage. This already makes architectural wraps a must-have for the business. You only have to pay once for the wrap, and it will continue to attract customers to the shop for a few years.

2. It’s Easy to Design and Customize Wraps

There are endless design possibilities with architectural wraps. Unlike paint that can only offer a few shades and wallpaper patterns with limited designs, wraps allow you to design different graphics and print them on vinyl. They can also contain texts and other promotional messages.

Architectural wraps are also perfect for filling particular spaces. If you don’t want to cover an entire wall with vinyl wrap, it can be utilized to fill the awkward spaces in the establishment instead. Decals can be stuck on windows, doors, and other parts of the building.

3. Installing Wraps is a Breeze

Wraps are made with strong adhesives that will stick to many kinds of surfaces including glass, tiles, bricks, and concrete. You can even put the architectural wraps on the wall by yourself but remember that it might not be as good as a professionally installed one.

Architectural wraps are also a better pick than a painting job because the latter might take a few weeks to complete. It might also leave a lingering smell which the customers may find unpleasant.

Get the Best Architectural Wraps from Image Fleet Graphics

Here at Image Fleet Graphics, we offer different kinds of vinyl wraps that will fit your advertising needs. Our talented staff can provide everything from designing the graphics, printing the vinyl, and installing the wrap on the building. Our high-quality materials are also backed with a 3M MCS warranty to ensure that they will last for a few years with the right care and maintenance.

Want to find out what kind of architectural wrap design will work best for your business? Call us now at Image Fleet Graphics to get started on advertising with vinyl wraps.

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