If you don’t know about the marketing value box truck wraps deliver, you’re missing out.

95% of US consumers drive cars and 80% walk long distances in their respective cities – each in excess of 5 miles each day.

It’s easy to see how a car wrap can potentially reach thousands upon thousands of customers.

That’s incredible brand outreach!

The icing on the cake is that this style of marketing is remembered by 96% of people experiencing it.

Box Truck Wraps In NJ

ImageFleet is your source for box truck wraps in NJ.  For more than 25 years, they’ve designed, printed and installed show-stopping box truck wrap graphics for entrepreneurs like me.  

Their team knows your brand is pivotal to your success.  It tells people what you’ve got for them.  With professional graphics support, box truck branding draws people to your goods and services, creating brand loyalists.

And when you go with the branding experts at ImageFleet, you’re getting the best team around.

Excellent ROI

Entrepreneurs like me know that our money needs to be deployed strategically.  Smart entrepreneurs think hard before moving, identifying the line items that deliver the best Return on Investment.

And that’s what box truck wraps in NJ deliver.  Of all the marketing moves out there, none offers a more advantageous ROI than box truck wraps.

With the lowest minimal investment required per thousand impressions (compared to television, print media, billboards, and radio), box truck wraps offer you seriously excellent ROI.

When your box trucks are wrapped by the graphics superstars at ImageFleet, your money works harder for you every day, with attention-getting graphics that promote your brand.  Box truck wraps create consumer consciousness on main street, where the market can’t wait to meet you.

Hard-Won Confidence

ImageFleet stands behind their work without reservation.  This company does it better than any other in the market that I’ve encountered.  But Imagefleet’s confidence in its graphics proficiency was hard-won.

3M Certification is nothing to sneeze at.  Imagefleet was put through its graphics paces in real time, with a panel of 3M judges looking on, watching every move their team made.

That’s stressful!

But they crushed it and now they’re proud to bring their hard-won certification to customers like me, with amazing box truck wraps in NJ.

Imagefleet’s 3M Certification is your guarantee of superior quality.  Because of their hard-won status, they enjoy great relationships with industry giants like Oracal, Avery and 3M.  Those relationships offer them superior pricing.  And they pass that advantage on to people like me – and you.

Get Loud.  Get Visible

Now that you’ve read about my experience of ImageFleet’s box truck wraps in NJ, you know about a marketing strategy that’s unbeatably wallet-friendly and outreach savvy.

Your fleet is out there every day, transmitting your brand message and raising market awareness wherever it rolls, reaching thousands of potential brand loyalists.  You’re loud.  You’re visible. 

You’re prominent in the market with the help of box truck wraps in NJ from ImageFleet.

Get loud and visible with box truck wraps in NJ.  Contact us!