If you don’t know about the enviable marketing punch box truck wraps pack, you need to.

95% of US consumers drive cars and 80% walk long distances in urban areas – each, about 5 miles per day.

It’s easy to see how a box truck wrap might reach thousands of customers.

That’s some serious outreach!

The cherry on top is that box truck marketing is remembered by 96% of people who see it.

Box Truck Wraps In NYC

ImageFleet is your source for box truck wraps in NYC.  For more than 25 years, they’ve designed, printed and installed show-stopping box truck wrap graphics for entrepreneurs like me.  

Their team knows your brand is pivotal to your success.  It tells people why you’re the business to choose over others.  With expert graphics support, box truck branding draws people to your goods and services, creating loyal customers.

And when you go with pros at ImageFleet, you’re getting the best of the best.

Gratifying ROI

Business owners like me know that our money needs to be employed strategically.  Savvy entrepreneurs do the math before moving, targeting the line items that deliver the highest Return on Investment.

And that’s what box truck wraps in NYC achieve.  Of all the marketing strategies out there, none offers a more generous ROI than box truck wraps.

With the lowest investment required per thousand impressions (compared to print media, television, billboards and radio), box truck wraps offer you a truly gratifying ROI.

When your box trucks are installed by the graphics superstars at ImageFleet, your money works harder for you every day, with gorgeous graphics that boost your brand.  Box truck wraps create brand awareness on the street, where the market is looking for you.

Earned Confidence

ImageFleet stand behind their work with pride.  This company looms above any other in the market that I’ve seen.  But Imagefleet’s confidence in its graphics proficiency was earned.

3M Certification is a point of extreme pride.  Imagefleet’s mettle was tested in real time, with a panel of 3M adjudicators looking on, scrutinizing every move their team made.

No pressure, guys!

But they hit a dinger and now they’re proud to bring their widely-prized certification to customers like me, with exceptional box truck wraps in NYC.

Imagefleet’s 3M Certification is your promise of uncompromising quality.  Because of their elite status, they enjoy terrific relationships with industry leaders like Avery, Oracal and 3M.  Those relationships mean special pricing.  And they pass that benefit on to customers like me – and you.

It doesn’t get better than that.

Market Presence

Now that you’ve heard about my experience of ImageFleet’s box truck wraps in NYC, you’re aware of a marketing strategy that’s unbelievably budget-friendly and outreach tactical.

Your fleet is out there every day, sharing your brand story and raising consumer awareness wherever it goes, reaching thousands of potential loyal customers.  That’s market presence. 

You become prominent in the market with the support of box truck wraps in NYC from ImageFleet.

Grow your market presence with box truck wraps in NYC.  Contact us!