Branded vehicle wraps aren’t a passing trend.  And there’s good reason for that.

To begin with, more than 95% of US citizens use vehicles.  Then, there’s the 80% who walk around in urban areas – each for more than 5 miles!

That means a branded fleet vehicle may be seen 10s of thousands of times per day.

And here’s the kicker – this style of mobile advertising is remembered by 96% of those who see it.

Branded Fleet Vehicle Wraps In NJ

ImageFleet is your source for branded fleet vehicle wraps in NJ.  For over a quarter century, we’ve been designing, printing and installing the highest quality mobile graphics available on the market.

We know your brand is the font of ongoing success.  It tells people who you are and what you do and with the right moving parts, it’s what generates interest in your services when people first encounter it.

And when you brand your fleet with the masters at ImageFleet, you’re operating at the pinnacle of the form.

ROI to Die for

When you’re in business, your money needs to be deployed efficiently and intelligently.  That’s why smart entrepreneurs look before they leap, choosing the marketing moves that render the best return on investment possible.

And that’s what branded vehicle wraps in NJ offer.  Of all the advertising channels available, none returns a higher ROI than fleet branding.

With lowest cost per thousand impressions (compared to television, newspaper, radio and billboards), vehicle wraps and fleet branding are the winners by a long shot.

When your vehicles are professionally branded by the pros at ImageFleet, your money works for you every day and everywhere, with striking graphics that turn heads and raise consumer conscious out in the street, where the rubber meets the road.

Street Cred

At ImageFleet we believe in what we do, and we believe in our ability to do it better than anyone else.  But we’re confident because we’ve earned the right to be.

3M Certification is no laughing matter.  To get it, we had to demonstrate our skills in real time, a panel of 3M judges looking on.

Talk about pressure!

But we passed the audition and now we’re proud to bring the fruits of our labor to our customers, with exceptional vehicle wraps and fleet branding in NJ.

We paid the cost to be the boss.  But because of that status, we’ve developed enduring relationships with sector leaders like our friends at 3M, Oracal and Avery.  Those relationships offer us preferential pricing that we pass on to our valued customers.

Loud and Proud

Now that we’ve shared the skinny about vehicle wraps and fleet branding in NJ with you, you know that this marketing strategy is cost-effective, offering so many advantages.

Not only is your fleet getting the job done, it’s shouting your message, loud and proud, to the people in the streets.  You’re visible.  You’re memorable. 

You’re in the consumer consciousness with vehicle wraps and fleet branding in NJ, with ImageFleet.

Ready to get loud and proud with your brand?  Contact us!