Commercial vehicle wraps are an excellent way to promote a business – it provides a brand with more exposure at an affordable price. Although vehicle wraps are durable, they are not indestructible. There will be situations when it’s better to replace the vehicle wraps before it damages the car paint or hurts the brand reputation.

Do I Need to Change My Vehicle Wrap?

With normal conditions to consider, a typical vehicle wrap can last up to five years. This can be longer or shorter depending on how well the wrap and car are maintained. Extreme weather conditions can reduce the wrap’s life expectancy down to approximately two years.

According to a study by RYP & Becker Group, an ad agency, 98% of the ads that consumers see create a positive image of the brand. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that the vehicle wrap maintains its top shape and quality as it travels around town.

3 Telltale Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Vehicle Wraps

If you think the vehicle wrap has stopped bringing in customers and engagements because of its tattered appearance, it might be time to change into a new wrap. Here are three more telltale signs to look for:

1. It’s starting to fade

Sun exposure can quickly degrade the quality of the vinyl wrap. Prolonged parking of the vehicle under the sun can fade the images printed on the wrap, so it would be better to park the vehicle under a shade. If parking multiple vehicles inside a garage or under an awning is possible, that would be better.

Once there are noticeable faded or discolored parts of the wrap, it might be time to replace it.

2. Some of the parts are peeling

Peeling wrap is usually caused by the dirt which gets behind the wrap. It can also be a result of the wrap’s aging. Either way, once the wrap starts peeling, it’s time to change it.

When washing the vehicle, remember to avoid using high-powered washers too close to it. It’s also best to avoid using strong solvents, as well as automated brushes. These equipment lift the wrap’s loose edges, causing it to peel. They also scratch and dull the design on the vinyl’s surface.

3. A design update is needed

Design trends can easily become outdated. Driving around with old graphic trends printed on the vehicle can deliver a distasteful message to potential customers – if you can’t make the effort to keep up with the current trends, how can you cater well to their needs?

A change in the design wrap can be a good reason to apply a new one. Aside from the design, a major change in business branding, product, or service, should also signal the need for a new wrap.

Get a Long-Lasting Vehicle Wrap at Image Fleet Graphics

Whatever the reason for needing a replacement commercial vehicle wrap, it’s better to get it from the best provider. Whether it’s your first time getting a vehicle wrap or you’re replacing the current one, Image Fleet Graphics can deliver expertly installed and high-quality vinyl wraps with our 3M certified installation team. Visit our website to learn more about our custom-tailored solutions for your company’s marketing needs.