If you don’t know how much value car wraps can deliver, it’s time to find out.

Over 95% of US consumers drive cars.  80% of them walk extensively in urban centers – each for more than 5 miles a day.

You can easily see how a car wrap can reach 10s of thousands of customers each day.

That’s “big bang” brand outreach!

And the kicker is that this type of marketing is remembered by 96% of those who experience it.

Car Wraps In NJ

ImageFleet is the leading choice for car wraps in NJ.  For over 25 years, we’ve been designing, printing and installing head-turning car wrap graphics for businesspeople like you.

We know your brand is a big part of your success.  It tells people what your offer them and with expert graphics support, it’s draws people to your goods and services, creating brand loyalists.

And when you wrap your cars with the rock stars at ImageFleet, you’re getting the best in the business.

Pumped up ROI

Business owners know that their money needs to be spent intelligently.  That’s why strategic entrepreneurs think hard before moving, choosing the line items that deliver the best return on investment possible.

And that’s what branded car wraps in NJ do.  Of all the advertising moves out there, none offers a better ROI than car wraps.

With the smallest investment per thousand impressions (compared to newspaper, billboards, television, and radio), car wraps lead the field, bringing you pumped up ROI.

When your cars are wrapped by the graphics gurus at ImageFleet, your money works harder for you everywhere, every day, with head-turning graphics that highlight your brand and create consumer consciousness in the public square, where the market can’t wait to discover you.

Confidence Earned

At ImageFleet we believe in our work without reservation, and we believe we can to do it better than any other graphics shop.  We worked hard for the right to be this confident.

3M Certification is a very big deal.  We were put through our paces in real time, with a panel of 3M adjudicators watching every move.

It was really stressful!

But we made it through and now we’re proud to bring that hard-won certification to our customers, with first-in-class car wraps in NJ.

Our 3M Certification is your guarantee of value and quality.  Because of this hard-won status, we have enduring relationships with sector leaders like our friends at Avery, Oracal and 3M.  These relationships offer us superior pricing.  We pass that advantage on to our customers.

Visible. Loud

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of ImageFleet’s car wraps in NJ, you’re in the know about a marketing channel that’s incredibly wallet-friendly and outreach smart.

Your fleet is out there rolling every day, sharing your brand story and earning consumer attention wherever it rolls, reaching thousands of potential customers.  You’re visible.  You’re loud. 

You’re dominating the public market with the help of car wraps in NJ from ImageFleet.

Are you ready to get visible and loud with car wraps in NJ?  Contact us!