Brand boosting car wraps are not a fleeting trend. Here’s why.

More than 95% of US consumers drive cars.  80% of them walk everywhere in their cities.  And they walk for more than 5 miles a day!

So, a car wrap is potentially seen many thousands of times each day.

Your potential customers are out there and car wraps near me in NJ connect with them.

Impressively, car wrap marketing is remembered by 96% of people who see it.

Car Wraps In NJ

When I found out how effective car wraps are, I started looking for car wraps near me in NJ.  I discovered ImageFleet, the car wrap experts for more than 25 years.  Imagefleet designs, prints and installs outrageously effective car wraps near me in NJ.

They know that your brand is the cornerstone of your success.  It’s your branding that informs people about your business. With striking graphics, your brand draws people towards what you offer.

When I found Imagefleet, I found the magic that car wrap marketing brings to my business.


Because I’m in business, my money needs to be spent strategically.  I need to know that the Return on Investment is going to justify the spend.

And that’s what car wraps near me in NJ do.  Of all the marketing strategies going, none offers a more satisfying ROI.

Compared with television, billboards, print and radio, car wraps win every time, with the lowest outlay per 1,000 impressions.

With my company vehicles wrapped by the graphics geniuses at ImageFleet, my money’s working overtime everywhere those vehicles go, with arresting graphics that turn heads.  Car wraps create brand awareness in the streets of NJ, teeming as they are with potential loyalists.

3M Certification Is Huge

At Imagefleet, they believe in their work.  If you want my opinion, they’re better at this than any other company out there.  They’re the leaders in car wraps near me in NJ.

3M Certification is huge.  Imagefleet had to demonstrate its chops in real time, with a panel of 3M’s judges watching.

That’s pressure!

They met that challenge head on and now, Imagefleet’s prized certification benefits my business with eye-catching car wraps near me in NJ.

Imagefleet’s 3M certification guarantees value and quality.  Because of its 3M certified status, Imagefleet enjoys strong relationships with industry leaders like Oracal, Avery and (of course) 3M.  Those relationships guarantee businesses like mine outstanding savings because Imagefleet is proud to pass that commerical advantage on to its customers.

Time to Get Loud

The day I discovered Imagefleet is the day I upgraded my business’s marketing strategy with car wraps near me in NJ.  My sales numbers tell the whole story!

My fleet is out there every day, sharing my brand message and garnering consumer interest wherever it rolls.  With my marketing partners at Imagefleet, my brand got loud.

Because of these amazing pros, my business’s brand is visible, making my customer base stronger every day.

Isn’t it time your brand got loud with car wraps near me in NJ?  Contact Imagefleet!