Car Wraps vs Paint Job: What’s the Difference?

Neon yellow car wrap

Want to change the appearance of your car? Car wraps and paint jobs are two common ways to do that. Although paint jobs are more permanent, car wraps are typically the cheaper option. They also offer a wide selection of designs and colors to choose from. Car wraps provide clients with temporary designs that will last for a few years with the right care and maintenance.

Wrapping vs. Repainting the Car: Which is Better?

In 2019, around 23.9% of the cars in the country were found to be colored white, followed by black, gray, and silver. These neutral colors were popular because they reflect the hues of the other electronics owned by customers.

However, more vibrant colors, such as blue, green, red, and neon shades have started gaining popularity. Other styles like two-toned roofs are also becoming trendy because it adds an exciting twist to plain-colored vehicles. If you want to customize the car to keep up with the trends, wrapping and painting the vehicle are two ways to do it.

While painting provides a more permanent hue to the vehicle, wrapping it can offer more options instead. Vinyl wraps are also removable so it’s easy to switch to a new design or color once you get tired of the current one.

3 Reasons to Choose Car Wraps Over a Paint Job

1. Save More Cash

If you want to change the car’s exterior without spending too much money, vehicle wraps are cheaper than repainting. High-quality paint jobs are priced at around $10,000 while full car wraps only cost around $2,500.

Taking care of the wrap is also cheaper than maintaining the new paint of a car. The paint job will need regular washing and waxing sessions to maintain its shine. On the other hand, wraps only need to be wiped regularly with a wet cloth. Deep cleaning is only required if debris manages to penetrate some areas of the wraps. This may happen if an inexperienced provider installed the wrap sloppily.

2. More Design Options

Another good reason to choose car wraps over a paint job is that it lets you customize the final product. It doesn’t limit the client to a single color or design for their vehicle. Clients can choose from different finishes, such as glossy or matte when customizing the wrap.

Car wraps are also available in smaller prints that can cover specific parts of the vehicles. It can also be stuck on windows if you want to put designs there.

3. Quick Installation and Easy Removal

Wrapping the car will only take around one day or two, depending on the surface area to be covered. This is significantly less time compared to a paint job that takes several days to be completed.

Once you’re tired of the design and want it removed, just take the vehicle back to the shop where the wrap was installed. There’s no need to worry about the original paint peeling off when the wrap is removed – these materials were created to be removable, so it won’t damage the car paint.

Revamp Your Car’s Appearance with Image Fleet Graphics

Here at Image Fleet Graphics, we can give the car a new appearance using high-quality graphics that are backed with a 3M MCS warranty. This ensures that the materials will last for a few years before needing replacement.

Our 25 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to serve different customers with different preferences. This helps us provide the best suggestions and solutions for your car wrap needs. Call us now to learn more about our complete wrapping services.

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