3 Tips When Choosing the Best Truck Wraps Provider

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Truck wraps are typically used by business owners as a marketing technique to promote their brand. But for a starting business that has to carefully plan out their budget, truck wraps may be an expensive investment. To make the most out of truck wraps for promoting a business, it’s better to find a provider that can offer long-lasting and high-quality wraps.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips that can help you find the best truck wrap provider for all the business’ truck wrap needs.

How to Find the Right Truck Wrap Provider

The truck wrap provider is directly responsible for the appearance of the vehicle wrap. Their job starts with gathering the right materials for the wrap and installing it to the car correctly. Once you find the right company, a truck wrap can be used to advertise the business for a few years. But picking the wrong one may result in unnecessary costs for reversing the damages.

What to Check When Looking for in a Truck Wrap Provider

When finding the right truck wrap provider, there are a few things to check first. These three factors can help ensure that the provider is a trusted one in the industry:

1. Choose an All-in-One Company

With an all-in-one company, there’s no need to worry about finding the right graphic artist, vinyl printer, and installation team. It’s also easier to save costs this way because an all-in-one provider offers discounted rates compared to three different shops for every aspect of the wrap.

Aside from cutting down the costs, they will also ensure that there is less room for failure. All departments of a one-stop-shop regularly communicate with each other so they will have a better understanding of what the result should look like.

2. Look for Reviews, Feedbacks, and Past Works

Reviews and feedbacks are important for any product or service. It provides the client with an idea about how the company handles its customers and projects. By checking the reviews, it’s also easier to see how they made up for the mistakes on projects from their past customers.

Checking their past works are also just as important. Aside from providing an idea about how their old projects look like, it’s also a good place to start looking for inspiration. If you’re still unsure about what kind of design needed for the wrap, browsing through their portfolio can give you a good idea about which graphics work better.

3. Ask if They Offer a Warranty

Truck wraps are temporary, but they are long-term investments that can last for a few years. The vinyl used on the vehicle must be backed with a warranty. Providers typically offer a 12-month warranty for the labor and installation, but others offer a 3M MCS warranty. If the wrap is created with 3M materials, the 3M MCS warranty will cover all the parameters of the truck wrap.

Choose Image Fleet Graphics for the Best Truck Wraps

Here at Image Fleet Graphics, we offer different services for all your vinyl wrap needs. From designing the graphics, printing the vinyl, and installing the wrap, our 3M certified installation team will get you covered. Contact us to learn more about which truck wrap design will work best for the business.

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