Commercial vehicle wrap is an excellent way to promote your business. It is a cost-effective mobile billboard that attracts the attention of potential customers on the road. To maximize its benefits, your vehicle wrap should be designed to leave a strong impression on people.

So how can you guarantee that your vehicle wrap will stand out among thousands of cars on the road? Your wrap must be eye-catching and unique so that people will notice and remember it. To help you make that happen, we will discuss effective designing techniques for your vehicle wrap.

Designing Your Vehicle with Commercial Wraps for Business

Designing a commercial vehicle wrap can be challenging, especially if you are not experienced with graphic design. Even with templates available online, you must consider how the design would look with the vehicle’s crevices and sharp curves.

You can hire an experienced designer to help in creating the graphics of your vehicle wrap. You must pay extra for them, but it’s better than taking the matters into your own hands. Commissioning a graphic designer who specializes in creating vehicle wrap designs will ensure that the design will be custom-made according to your needs.

3 Rules to Follow When Creating Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Not sure how to start designing your wrap? Here are three rules you can follow:

1. Highlight Your Business Information

Your primary goal when opting for a commercial vehicle wrap is to let people know about your company and what you offer. Sure, flashy graphics will attract attention, but your brand name and other information shouldn’t be overshadowed. Your name should stick out, but not so much that it’s an eyesore against the wrap colors.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to avoid overcrowding your wrap with unnecessary information. There’s only enough space on the wrap for your company name, a tagline, a web address, and a phone number.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Logo

On average, a person encounters around 5,000 messages from different brands every day. The idea of vying for the attention of one person seems daunting, so how can your brand stand out? The solution lies in how memorable your logo is.

Your logo is what represents your brand. People are more likely to remember your logo instead of the name, so it must leave a lasting impression on potential customers. When creating your logo, choose one central motif to focus on. Once you decide on that, color your logo with bright palettes.

3. Pick Vibrant Colors and Bold Designs

When designing a vehicle wrap, you are working with a large canvas. Don’t be afraid to fill it up with large graphics but pay attention to negative spaces too. Your wrap should be an unforgettable visual experience for your target audience. This way, you can turn impressions into sales.

Aside from huge illustrations, another essential design element is the color. When choosing a color scheme, pick shades and hues that invoke specific emotions you want the audience to feel. You should opt for bright colors that are noticeable at a distance, so the ad could reach more people.

Image Fleet Graphics Will Give You the Right Commercial Vehicle Wrap

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