When vehicle wraps are mentioned, you might think of the food truck you saw on your way to work or the ice cream truck you chased as a kid. This just shows how vehicle wraps are commonly utilized in commercial settings. And there are a lot of good reasons for it.

In this article, we will talk about why commercial vehicle wraps are the best way to promote a business.

Advertising with Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Over the years, businesses have already come a long way when it comes to devising different techniques to promote their brand. Print ads and television commercials are some of the ways to advertise your brand, but they are not exactly budget-friendly. Internet and social media ads are also an option, but more people are opting for ad blocks to prevent seeing these postings.

One fool-proof way to gain potential customers is through commercial vehicle wraps. It is widely utilized as an advertising method not only by local businesses, but also by massive brands like Procter & Gamble, Lycos Sports, and Coca Cola, just to name a couple.

So what makes commercial vehicle wrap the best advertisement method? There are a bunch of reasons so we’ll discuss three of the most notable ones:

3 Ways Commercial Vehicle Wraps Can Benefit Your Business

There are dozens of ways how commercial vehicle wraps can help your business – from effectively advertising your brand up to reducing your expenses. Here are some of them:

1. Non-Aggressive Advertising

Imagine yourself casually watching videos on your favorite social media site, then suddenly an ad starts to play. Like most people, you’re probably annoyed every time this happens. While it certainly attracts your attention, it disturbs you from what you should be enjoying instead. But commercial wrap vehicles don’t work that way.

Wrapped vehicles are eye-catching, but potential customers don’t find them as bothering as “in-your-face” advertisements in print and radio ads. As a matter of fact, people even find some of the designs entertaining in the otherwise boring sea of cars when in traffic. Vehicle wraps invite people to know more about your brand without interrupting their activities and thrusting the ads into their faces.

2. Spend Less on Ads

Aside from leaving people with a lasting impression about your business, it is also the most cost-effective advertising strategy with only $0.48 per 1000 impressions. This rate is in comparison with television, magazine, radio, and newspaper ads which costs you at least $7.75 per 1000 impressions.

Unlike print ads that have surging rates depending on how long you are planning to promote, you only pay for vehicle wraps once – and it’s already a good investment that you can utilize up to five years.

3. Effortless Publicity

Although you can choose to actively drive around the neighborhood for publicity purposes and boost your impressions exponentially, you can still advertise your brand even when the wrapped car is idly sitting in a parking lot.

What’s great about commercial wrap vehicles is that they are eye-catching enough even for people in a parking lot. You can gain lots of exposure even with just the stranger parked next to you. Your vehicle might even remind them of calling for a service they keep forgetting to contact.

Attract New Customers with Commercial Vehicle Wraps by Image Fleet Graphics

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