Commercial vehicle wrap is an effective marketing technique for small businesses to promote their brand. However, it is not a cheap investment especially for companies who are new to the industry. You want to find an experienced vehicle wrap company that will help you gain more impressions.

In this article, we will discuss how to search for a wrap company that can help your business grow.

Finding the Right Commercial Vehicle Wrap Provider

Your provider will influence how well your commercial vehicle wrap will turn out, since they are responsible for gathering the materials and installing the wrap to your car. Finding the right provider will ensure that the vehicle wrap can last for years but picking the wrong company can cost you unnecessary cash trying to reverse the damage.

So it’s important to research about different companies first before settling on a provider; check their credentials, customer reviews, and the packages they can offer you.

3 Tips When Looking for the Best Commercial Vehicle Wrap Provider

Here are a few factors you can check to see if the vehicle wrap company can help you promote your brand the right way:

1. Search for an All-in-One Company

Hiring an all-in-one company will save you the hassle of searching for a separate graphic designer, vinyl printer, and wrap installer. It can also help you reduce costs because a one-stop-shop will likely give you discounted rates.

Aside from its cost-saving benefits, an all-in-one provider will also leave less room for failure and damages. For example, the colors of the printed vinyl might be different from the original design if you outsourced printers and designers from different shops. Since all the departments of a one-stop-shop regularly communicate, they all have a better understanding of your preference.

2. Check Their Past Works, Feedbacks, and Reviews

There are two reasons for you to check a company’s past works: you can observe the quality of their wraps once it’s already installed and you can gain design ideas from existing wraps. If you come across a company that refuses to show you a portfolio of their past works, stop wasting your time and find another shop you can trust instead.

Like any other product, service, or brand, reading the feedbacks from their past customers is important because it gives you an idea of how they handle clients and their projects. Feedbacks from your friends or relatives can point you to the best wrap company you can find near you.

3. See if They Offer Warranty

Although they are temporary, vehicle wraps are still a long-term investment for your business. You need a warranty that will ensure your wrap lasts for years, not just a few months. A responsible shop will offer at least a 12-month warranty on installation and workmanship. Before you continue your wrap project with a shop, ask them if they are backed by a 3M MCS Warranty or something similar.

But what makes 3M MCS Warranty the golden standard for graphic wraps? A 3M MCS Warranty covers all the parameters as long as the graphics are created with 3M materials. It can be used in opaque colored films, colored and textured wrap films, printed graphic films, and illuminated sign films & substrates.

Wrap Your Vehicle with Image Fleet Graphics

Searching for a company that will tick all these boxes? Image Fleet Graphics is a one-stop-shop for all your vehicle wrap needs. With our 3M certified installation team and 3M MCS warranty-backed graphics, we served hundreds of brands with their vehicle wraps during our 25 years in the industry. Contact us to get started on your commercial vehicle wrap now.