When people are out there on NJ streets, driving in their cars, traffic is often gridlocked.  Cars just sit there, while drivers search for something to distract them from the tedium of it all.  It’s boring!

No one’s paying any attention to yet another non-descript truck or panel van.  Vehicles that aren’t branded don’t even register on our brains, much less break the tedium of gridlock.

So, what’s the solution?  It’s custom fleet lettering, graphics and wraps near me in NJ!  Before I found out about the power of fleet marketing, my vehicles were non-descript, too.  They were getting the job done but they could have been letting people know about my business!

Mobile Marketing

Once I woke up to the power of mobile marketing, that was it.  I decided that I was going to transform my fleet into a loud, proud marketing machine, with custom fleet lettering, graphics and wraps near me in NJ.

I asked colleagues and the name I heard repeatedly was ImageFleet.  These guys have a reputation for being the branding experts who bring the noise to your business (and the customers).

And their reputation is just the start.  They earned their peerless public image by being the leaders and they did that the hard way.

Certified Graphics Masters

When I called ImageFleet, I was aware of their reputation.  But I had no idea that they’re certified by 3M.  When I asked about their certification, they were downright proud and happy to tell me.

They had to accomplish a vehicle wrap before the critical eyes of 3M judges.  It’s hard to imagine that kind of pressure!  But they passed with flying colors and that gave me confidence in their prowess because 3M judges aren’t exactly famous for going easy on installation teams.

The certified graphics masters at ImageFleet have made my fleet the one that stands out.  Graced with branded, 3M certified expertise, my vehicles attention everywhere they go and some of that attention brings me crowds of new customers!

From Anonymous to Wow!

I wouldn’t want readers thinking my marketing efforts are all about custom fleet lettering, graphics and wraps near me in NJ, because that would be misleading.

I’ve got all media set to “blast”, just as any smart entrepreneur must to grow.  But even with promotions, online marketing and other advertising, my brand wasn’t getting the business it deserved until I turned to the graphics professionals at ImageFleet.

Branding my fleet vehicles has made the difference.  We went from anonymous to wow! With so many people out there experiencing with my business through mobile marketing, my customer base has exploded.

It’s all about the brand recognition and that’s what you’ll get with Imagefleet.

Go Mobile!

If you’re ready to see your business flourish the way you believe it can, then it’s your moment to go mobile, with the amazing graphics masters at ImageFleet.

Your business deserves consumer recognition.  So, get mobile and get recognized with custom fleet lettering, graphics and wraps near me in NJ.