Custom vehicle wraps are the best way to show your creativity and express yourself visually through your car. They give you the opportunity to display your style and change the visual appearance of your vehicle without going through the expensive process of repainting or redesigning it. But doing this isn’t always as cheap as you might want it to be.

Making your custom vehicle wrap truly yours means understanding what budget you have and getting the most out of your expenses. Here’s everything you need to know about vehicle wraps and what they might cost.

Cost of a Vehicle Wrap — What Goes Into It?

So why can two cars of the same model and design have completely different costs when it comes to their custom vehicle wraps? There are a number of factors that go into the custom vehicle wrap price, and these include:

  • Complexity of the design
  • Condition and size of the vehicle
  • Quality of the materials
  • Coverage of the wrap

Let’s go over these individually and understand exactly how this price is determined:

Complexity of the Design

When designing your vehicle wrap, the world is your oyster: you have all the freedom you want to choose whatever design you want. But coming up with the perfect design isn’t easy, and once you do, the complexity of your design might cause the price to skyrocket.

Creating a wrap by yourself is not recommended, especially if you barely have any experience with graphic design. You can ask an experienced professional to sketch one based on your taste. Leaving the task to them will ensure that your wrap will adhere appropriately. However, keep in mind that you might have to pay extra for the design.

Condition and Size of the Vehicle

It is a common misconception that a wrap will hide the damages of the vehicle. This could not be more wrong; having a vehicle wrap without repairing the defaced part will only prevent the wrap from sticking to the surface of the vehicle. It is recommended to have the damaged part and corroded areas reconstructed first, so that the vinyl wrap would not be susceptible to tear. And of course, restoration won’t be free.

Your bill will also depend on the size of your vehicle. Bigger vehicles will charge you more expensive rates than a car would. This is because trucks would have massive surface areas and complex designs that would take longer to install.

Quality of the Materials

Selecting the quality of the materials for your project is crucial because it will determine how long the wrap will last on your car. Both the overlaminate and the vinyl must be chosen carefully. Mixing the wrong combination can result in bubbles in the surface over a matter of months.

More than the pricey and most trusted vinyl brands you can find in the market, choosing between cast or calendered vinyl is more important. Would you prefer a thin but long-lasting wrap over a thicker but shrinkage-prone one for your vehicle? Is conformability a priority over scratch-resistance? If you answered yes to both, then getting the cast vinyl would be better than the cheaper calendared vinyl.

Coverage of the Wrap

If you’re on a tight budget, you can lessen the cost by reducing the area a wrap will coat. Each type of coverage has its pros and cons, but it is one of the main factors that can affect the price of a custom vehicle wrap.

  • Full – If you have the money for it, a full wrap will cover your vehicle’s crevices.
  • Partial – If you are saving up for something else, you can have a partial coverage for your car.

Customize Your Car with Image Fleet Graphics

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