Think it’s time for your old car to sport a new look? Custom vehicle wraps can help you with that. It’s a trendy way for you to pick out a non-permanent design that you can install in your car’s exterior. Whether it’s about incorporating your favorite characters on the design or a simple color change, vehicle wraps can give you the flexibility you need.

Customizing Car Wraps: What’s in it for You?

When it comes to customizing your car’s look, many people would agree that custom vehicle wraps would be a better option than a repainting job. Aside from giving you enough freedom to create the design you want, there are plenty of advantages that come opting for vinyl wraps.

The rest of this article will explain in detail why custom vehicle wraps are the best alternative when remodeling your vehicle.

Customize the Design

One of the main reasons why car owners choose custom vehicle wraps is because they are easier to customize. This will give you the artistic freedom you want without fully committing to a single design or color.

Whether you want the whole car covered or just some specific parts, the design choices are also limitless. You can choose between matte, glossy, or other textured finishes, and still be in budget. If you cannot think of a design yet, you can ask for known car wrap companies to give you an idea of what you might prefer.

Save More Cash

If you are looking to change the color of your car, opting for a vehicle wrap is much cheaper than car paint. Show-room quality car paint jobs can cost you up to $10,000 while a full vehicle wrap is only priced at around $2,500.

Custom vehicle wraps will also save you tons of cash that is usually spent on maintaining its appearance. A normal car paint job will require you to regularly wax and wash your car so it will last longer. As for a vehicle wrap, you only need to wipe its surface with a wet cloth to keep it clean. Thorough washing is only needed if debris manages to penetrate the sloppy application in some areas of the vehicle.

Easy Application and Removal

Custom vehicle wraps take significantly less time to be completed than a repaint job. Although both ways require your car to be thoroughly cleaned first, wrapping can only take less than a day or two while repainting can be between three days to three weeks.

Once you are tired of the color or design of your car, you only need to bring it back to the shop where the wrap was applied. You won’t have to worry about possible damages to the original paint as the wrap is removed; it will even keep it protected. On the other hand, car paint is practically irremovable, so you have to be sure about the design or color before applying it.

Protect the Paint from Damages

If you need protection for your car’s original paint, custom vehicle wraps can give that to you. Thick and scratch-resistant car wraps are available in the market and will protect your car against exposure to weather and debris. Wraps also maintain the high market value of your car by preventing its exterior from depreciating in quality.

Advertise Your Business

Looking to promote your business? Having your company details printed in your car can bring you all the impressions you need. Compared to media and other print ads which have rates that go through the roof every time you increase the reach, you will only have to pay for custom vehicle wraps once.

Remodel Your Car Today

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