Whether it is for business or a personal choice, more people are taking interest in custom wraps when redesigning their vehicles. It is the preferable alternative if you dislike the commitment that comes with permanent paint jobs. Aside from its promotional and aesthetic value, vehicle wraps are also useful in maintaining the original paint of your car.

Vehicle Wraps and its Versatility

Custom vehicle wraps were usually for promoting businesses, but in the past years, the purpose of vehicle wraps has evolved into more of an aesthetic choice for many. This might be because vinyl is a customizable and versatile material that can stick to the flat surfaces and smooth curves.

If you would like to give it a try and experiment with your vehicle’s look, here is a list of possible blank canvass that works well with vinyl wraps and decals:


Although it is a relatively new trend, more car owners are trying out custom wraps. It is mostly utilized by small-time business owners who want to promote their company through mobile advertisement, but lack the budget to hire a truck for it.

Now, it can be also be customized for personal reasons. More drivers are opting for a vehicle wrap instead of car paint because it is temporary yet creative. 


Got a business you need to promote? More than cars, a vehicle wrap company’s usual customer is a truck owner or a fleet company. Trucks are the perfect canvases for statements or ads because of the time they spend on the road. Their blank surface area is also perfect for anyone who wants to gain publicity from the people on the street.

If your truck is receiving a custom wrap, be sure that you are hiring an experienced company to prepare it. Since it has a huge coverage, some nooks and crevices are left unwrapped.


Is your RV losing its vibrant color and beautiful details after spending years on the road? Maybe it is time for an RV wrap. It has almost the same results as a paint job but with half the price.

Most RVs are created with a solid color base with geometric lines along the sides to help them look interesting. Once you notice that these accents are starting to fade, it would be better to procure a partial wrap or vinyl decals that look the same, instead of subjecting your vehicle to an expensive paint job.


Are the decals in your motorcycle starting to peel off after years of riding it through dirt and changing weather? Restoration through repainting is not the only solution. Wraps can be printed small and detailed to fit your motorcycle perfectly. It will save you a lot more cash to buy small decals than repainting the whole motorbike.

However, sticking decals on a motorcycle can be challenging because of the sharp curves it has. Your motorcycle should also have a smooth finish because the wrap won’t remain for long when stuck on colored plastic parts.

Type of Vehicle Wraps

Now that you know whether your vehicle is available for wrapping, it’s time to decide what kind of wrap it will have. There are two types of custom wrap, depending on the coverage you want:

  • Full – If you are planning to change the color of your car for aesthetic purposes, a full wrap will sufficiently cover everything except restricted areas. A full wrap is also ideal for promoting your business, since you can utilize a large space for your ad.
  • Partial – Partial wraps only cover certain parts of the vehicle’s surface area. If you are looking to save some cash during wrapping, you can choose a partial wrap but be sure to strategically place your designs or ads in a visible place.

Personalize Your Vehicle.

No matter what your vehicle is, New York City’s Image Fleet Graphics can handle the vinyl wrap job for you. With our 3M certified team who are experienced in designing, printing, and installing vehicle wraps, you can find a solution to fit your needs. For more information, visit our website at www.imagefleet.com.