Door decals are everywhere: on shop windows, glass doors, and almost any commercial outdoor space. Most commonly, door decals are found on car doors as a way to promote a business. They aren’t just attractive decorations – with the right design, a door decal can be a subtle way to market your business’s brand.

In this article, we’ll discuss how door decals are made and why you should consider creating one for your business.

How Door Decals Are Made

The word “decal” comes from the word decalcomania. Decalcomania is the process of transferring a design from a prepared paper to glass or porcelain. A decal is a durable type of sticker, designed for long-term outdoor use. Generally, a modern decal is created this way:

  • A design is created using special computer software and sent to a machine electronically.
  • Large rolls of vinyl sheets are fed through a printer, which will print the design.
  • After printing, the printed vinyl sheet is sent to a cutter, which cuts out the decal in the desired shape and weeds out excess vinyl.
  • Once the pattern is cut, a paper pre-mask may be added on top of the vinyl design for easy surface application.

Advantages of Creating a Door Decal For Your Business

A door decal may not seem like a big thing to have for your business, but it offers three distinct advantages: easy business promotion, wide audience reach, and brand establishment.

1. Easy Business Promotion

Since door-decals are eye-catching, people will be drawn to reading about your business through the colors, font, and logo design. With readily available information like the business name, logo, address, and contact details, it’s much easier to let people know about the nature of your business and how to contact you if needed.

2. Wide Audience Reach

As you travel using your car, you reach out to more people than you think. Whether they are stuck in traffic or parked somewhere, more potential clients will be able to recognize your business. You can even consider door decals as an affordable and convenient way to advertise your business.

3. Brand Establishment

Having a door decal for your car gives the impression that your business is legitimate, professional, and approachable. By utilizing your business logo, colors, and font, your door decal becomes part of the company’s branding. Some car door decals are now created to be detachable magnets, so you can remove your decal when using your vehicle as a family car.

Designing Your Door Decal

When designing a decal for your business, here are some factors to consider:

  • Color: Does the color of your decal convey the message of who your business is and what you do?
  • Material: Will the material of your decal hold up its shape? Should you laminate your decal?
  • Resolution: Will the quality of the logo and font be readable as a logo?

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