Car door decals are like a travelling calling card. Wherever you go, you can promote your business with these customizable, durable stickers on the side of your car that bear your business’s name, contact details, and address. This article discusses how door decals are created, and why you should consider investing in this small, cost-efficient piece of marketing.

Creating a Car Door Decal

The word “decal” comes from the word decalcomania. Decalcomania is the process of transferring a design from a prepared paper to glass or porcelain. Decals adhere onto surfaces with adhesive, so they are removable but not reusable. With proper care and maintenance, a decal can be used outdoors for a long time. Modern car decals are created this way:

  • Designs are created using a special computer software. A client can choose to customize the color, material, size, shape, and resolution quality of their decal.

Color: Colors work best in contrast, as this directly affects how readable your decal will be. Pairing a dark color with a lighter color allows the text to be much clearer to see from a distance.

Material: Decals can clear, opaque, perforated, or frosted. Choosing the right material depends on how long you want your decal to stick, and where you plan to stick it. 

Size: For decals placed on a car, it’s best to first measure what size you want it to be. Then, you should order the decal at least 3 times larger on all sides to give it room for installation.

Shape: Decals can be cut into all types of shapes, so you should also decide on the shape specifications of your decal.

Resolution quality: If you’re going to utilize a company logo, it’s best to submit a photo with a 300 DPI (dots per inch) resolution. Higher quality photos translate to a vivid logo decal.

  • After designing your decal, it will be sent to a printing machine electronically. Large vinyl sheets are fed through the printer, and the output is your uncut design.
  • Once the design is printed, the vinyl sheet will be sent to a cutter to achieve the desired shape and remove the excess vinyl.
  • Finally, once the decal is cut, a paper pre-mask will be added as the top layer of the decal for easier application.
  • Once the pattern is cut, a paper pre-mask may be added on top of the vinyl design for easy surface application.

Reasons to Get a Door Decal

Door decals are a cheap but effective marketing strategy for your business. It can promote your business, reach a wider audience, and establish your business as a brand.

  • Door decals can promote your business.

Door decals are an easy way to let people know the nature of your business and how to contact you. Most car door decals used by businesses feature the business name, logo, address, and contact details. Often, these are attached to the side or the back of the car, so they can still be seen while you are parked.

  • Door decals can reach a wider audience.

As mentioned in the introduction, a car with decals serves as a travelling calling card. You reach out to more people than you think, even while you are stuck in traffic. Potential customers will be able to recognize your business as you drive your car.

  • Door decals can help establish your business brand.

A door decal on your car will give an impression that your business is legitimate, professional, and approachable. Consistent use of your business logo, colors, and font are a part of your business’s branding.

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