This is a visual age.  People respond to crisp, evocative images that promote products and services.  So, the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has taken on a whole new meaning.  A picture is also worth a lot of attention from potential customers.

And you can only achieve that effect with high resolution printing.

What’s the Difference?

A low-resolution image consists of only 72 pixels per inch.  A high-resolution image packs 300 into every inch.  High resolution printing provides a sharper, more commercially appealing image.  When you choose a low-resolution image, it will pixelate when enlarged, which means it looks “choppy” instead of being crisp and clear.

That’s because when there are more pixels, the image’s integrity isn’t compromised by a low concentration of those little pixels of color which comprise it.

A Huge Change In Quality

I’m not that technical, I guess.  I’d never thought about whether images were high or low-resolution.  Then, one day, an acquaintance mentioned the image quality on a promotional poster I’d made.  I looked at the image with him and he pointed out how it could be more effective in a higher resolution.

Then, he suggested that I visit the graphics professionals at ImageFleet.  Their 3M Certification ensures I get high resolution printing near me in NY that turns heads toward my product line. 

And a partnership started that has changed the game, offering me the kind of marketing support I never knew I needed.

The Best of the Best

For all my business’s marketing needs, ImageFleet is my business solutions partner.  I used to wing it with my marketing efforts.  But once I saw the difference high resolution printing near me in NY made, I was sold.

A high-resolution image speaks to people.  It’s professional, which sends a message about your business, no matter what it is.  People judge your business first by its marketing materials, whether they’re on the wall, the window, a flyer or your commercial vehicles.

With ImageFleet, you get the best of the best, taking you from design through installation to create a consistent public presence that gets you the market’s full attention.

All ImageFleet’s work is backed by the 3M MCS Warranty.  That comes with their 3M certification, meaning I get the highest possible quality graphics for all my marketing needs.

From cut vinyl decals to window clings to event displays, my business gets the attention it deserves, swelling my customer base and beefing up the bottom line, with high resolution printing near me in NY.

Change the Game

Finding out about the work of the graphics experts at ImageFleet is one of the best things that ever happened to my business.  It can happen to you, too!

Get the high resolution printing your business deserves.  ImageFleet is the graphics outfit that delivers on all your business marketing materials, from the incredible ROI of vehicle wraps and lettering to your storefront to displays for community and trade events.

High resolution printing near me in NY with ImageFleet changes the game.  Contact them!