3 Maintenance Tips for Truck Wraps NY

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Truck wraps are the most cost-effective method of advertising because they are mobile billboards that will attract attention and give a brand the engagements it needs. Although wraps only require a one-time payment, it should be kept at its top shape to last longer.

In this article, we will discuss three maintenance tips for truck wraps that won’t cost you too much cash.

How to Keep the Truck Wrap in its Best Condition

One of the benefits of truck wraps is that it protects the vehicle’s original paint. Although this is true, wraps are still vulnerable to extreme weather, dirt, and debris. With gradual wear and tear, the truck wrap will eventually start peeling at the seams.

Truck wraps are a good representative of a brand. According to a study by RYP & Becker group,  98% of the surveyed population thought that the wraps create a positive image of the company. If it is well-maintained and in good condition, the wrap will leave a good impression on the people. It reflects how well you can operate the business.

3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Care for the Truck Wraps

Although it is a great investment for any business, truck wraps are a bit expensive, especially for small businesses. If you decide to invest in a truck wrap to promote the brand, there are a few maintenance tips to follow so that the wrap can last for a few years.

1. Protect Your Wrap Against the Weather

It’s impossible to control the weather. There will be days when the truck has to travel through the sun’s heat, the harsh rainfall, or the freezing snow. These extreme weather conditions can cause the wrap to lift at the edges, accidentally ruining the design and exposing the original paint.

Avoid the wrap from peeling prematurely by storing the vehicle in the garage. Ensure that it is not exposed outside for long periods during summer and winter.

2. Eliminate the Stains When They Appear

Finding bird droppings and other stains on the truck are normal, especially if it is parked near a tree. Although it won’t affect the wrap immediately, it’s still important to remove these stains as soon as they’re found. Droppings and other stains that are left to dry on the wrap’s surface for too long may leave marks that are hard to remove. It can even lead to fading or discoloration in the affected area.

Always keep a towel inside the truck so it’s easier to remove the stains as soon as they are spotted. If the stain leaves some marks, make sure to pay extra attention to that part when cleaning the truck.

3. Wash the Wrap Regularly

Most vehicle owners typically send their trucks and cars to a nearby jet wash because it’s the fastest way to clean the vehicle’s surface. But for wrapped vehicles, the brushes and harsh chemicals from the jet wash will scratch the vinyl wrap. With this, the wrap’s colors fade and the graphics become dull.

The best way to wash a wrapped truck is still by hand. Using non-abrasive detergents and a sponge, you can keep the wrap looking brand new for longer.

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