The Easiest Way to Remove a Vehicle Wrap

car wrap removal

Perhaps the word “easiest” is a little misleading.  It’s possible to do yourself, but at ImageFleet, we don’t recommend it and there are several factors which can make it more difficult.

People want their vehicle wraps removed for several reasons.  They may have a leased vehicle they need to return unblemished, or they may have bought a car which included a vehicle wrap they don’t want.

If you’ve tried to peel back a piece of your vehicle wrap and found that it comes away with little protest, then you’re probably good to go.  If, on the other hand, the wrap seems not to want to budge, you may need the support of professionals like us.

For whatever reason you’re here, reading about the easiest way to remove a vehicle wrap, we have a few pointers and items of interest you should read, which follow.

How Long Has It Been There?

The length of time your vehicle wrap has been in place is an important consideration.

If it’s been there for the full life span of a quality wrap (about 5 years), you may not be able to do a clean job of it.

The 3M company guarantees ease of removal for up to 4 years.  After that, the adhesive used in the wrap becomes brittle, as does the wrap itself, causing it to be stubborn about removal.

Type of Wrap

If you’ve opted for an off-brand wrap, you’re probably going to have a tougher time getting it off.

Unless the company who installed your wrap used a quality product like those manufactured by our partners at 3M, Oracal and Avery, the quality of the adhesive used can be unpredictable.

“Economy” wraps are in the market to compete for business and the low price point offered is often attractive to consumers.  But those low prices mean you haven’t bought a product which has been thoroughly vetted for quality by the manufacturer.

When the Wrap Is Stubborn

You can probably still remove even a stubborn wrap by yourself, but to do so, you’ll need to apply heat.

You can use a heat gun to soften up the wrap and the adhesive.  This makes it more likely to come off.  It still takes time to get wraps off vehicles, to prevent scratching the vehicle’s paint job.

But if you try heat and are still finding the wrap and adhesive brittle, resulting in it coming away in small pieces, you’re better off coming to ImageFleet to get the job done.

We use a special tool to prevent scratching and because we’ve uninstalled as many wraps as we’ve installed, we know how to do it without damaging your vehicle.  We take the time to remove any remaining adhesive residue with a solvent, leaving your vehicle looking great.

Best of all, we use only the highest quality materials, so you know you’re not getting an inferior, off-brand product that’s going to be a problem.  Getting it right from the get go is the easiest way to remove a vehicle wrap!  Contact us.

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