The Variety and Versatility of Vinyl Wraps

vinyl wrap on store window

We wouldn’t want you to think that vinyl wraps are just for vehicles.  They can do so much more.

Imagine the inside of an elevator branded with your business message, beautifully told in versatile vinyl.  Or the window of your storefront fetchingly dressed in seasonal splendor that’s easily switched as time goes by.  Even a refrigerator can be an effective medium for a vinyl wrap, especially when in the break room of a large corporate office or behind the bar at your favorite watering hole.

Vinyl wraps are not just varied and versatile, either.  They’re durable, striking and get noticed.

Pop Up Design

Retail is an ideal space for vinyl wraps.  Windows are just one place they can make a stunning difference.  Your in-store promotions and seasonal displays become monolithic when even a single wall, or display space is wrapped in vinyl.

And your floors talk when you use vinyl wraps to promote what’s in-store.  People notice vinyl wraps, because they’re a departure from the mundane, creating pop up design that’s changeable at the drop of a hat.

In Your Face Branding

A branded experience makes waves.  It gets in consumer faces and tells your story.  That’s why it’s so effective.

A restaurant or bar that’s been branded with your message is memorable.  People don’t forget strong branding and they respond to it by coming back for more.

And the sky’s the limit as to where you can use vinyl wraps.  From the point of sale counter top, to the bar itself, to the tables and chairs, vinyl wraps are a flexible advertising medium that can create a unique customer experience that’s exciting and effective.

Trade shows and expos, conventions and product launches – these are places where vinyl wraps can shine, spotlighting your goods and services before a vast audience that’s drawn to the booth with the mesmerizing brand presence.

Rolling Billboards

And of course, there’s no better place for a vinyl wrap than a vehicle.  Cars, vans and trucks all do double duty when they bear your brand message, as they roll past the people in the streets.  Whether they’re in their cars, on the sidewalk, or eating lunch at the bistro on the corner, they’ll get an eyeful that’s hard to forget.

Branding on buses?  Trains?  That’s a no-brainer for the elite wrap professionals at ImageFleet.  We create quality, creatively-informed graphics that send your brand message with pizzazz and the kind of swagger than turns heads.

The variety and versatility of vinyl wraps can’t be denied.  It’s a cost-effective way to tell your story, turn the heads of potential customers and get your brand message heard.  Durable, beautiful, varied and versatile, vinyl wraps are the wave of the advertising future, bringing you indelible impact.

ImageFleet – The Vinyl Wrap People

ImageFleet is a comprehensive resource for all your graphics needs.  We’re a one-stop shop where you’ll find the best of everything you need to get your message out there.

Ready to shout your message with the variety and versatility of vinyl wraps? Contact us.

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