Your vehicle isn’t just for getting yourself from home to work and back again.

It’s a part of you!  That vehicle lets you express yourself and your fondest aspirations and you want everyone who sees it to know (because you’re awesome).

Change keeps life interesting.  And changing the color of your vehicle is part of that.  But you’ve heard that the traditional way to do it (paint) is intensive and can take as long as 2 weeks. And once the paint’s on, it’s there to stay.

Let’s discover a smarter way to do it!

Vehicle Color Change In CT

When you’re ready to transform your beloved conveyance with a styling new color, you don’t need paint.  When you’re informed about wraps as a quick, eye-appealing way to do a vehicle color change in CT, you’re already a winner!

ImageFleet’s extensive suite of graphics services takes vehicle wraps to a whole new, technologically advanced level.

And here’s a factor that might not have occurred to you yet – vehicle paint fades, so the color can lose its factory paint job sheen.  That doesn’t need to happen with a wrap for vehicle color change in CT.  Just wrap your jalopy to safeguard the original intensity of your vehicle’s paint job.

How cool is that?

And if you’ve ever tried to match your paint following a road accident, we know you’ll agree that it’s not that easy to accomplish.  Fresh paint against paint that’s become dull and faded tells a story; a story that can making selling your car later difficult.

Certified Proficiency

When you work with ImageFleet for your vehicle color change in CT, you’re getting the highest level of vehicle wrapping proficiency.  Not every graphics shop can tell you they’re certified by 3M.

But we can!

ImageFleet met 3M’s challenging standards to seize that honor.  Part of getting our 3M certification was wrapping a vehicle (live) in front of 3M’s judges.

That was nerve-jangling but being certified by 3M was worth it!

We succeeded and now we can offer our customers the quality, expertise and skill (that our certification has affirmed) proudly.

ImageFleet offers you the quality only 3M certified graphics can.

A Better Way

When you’re hot for a vehicle color change in CT, you want choice.

With a wrap, you get an incredible choice of colors, from the look of a traditional paint job to wraps that transform when seen from various standpoints and in the light as it shifts.

And here’s a satisfying perk – if you’re ready to sell your vehicle or change its color again to the original paint, all you need to do is bring your car in to remove the wrap.  Because of the amazing quality of the products we employ, from big names like 3M, Oracal and Avery, your car wrap removal is perfect, every time.

Wrap With the Best

Whether you’re hoping to protect your new vehicle’s paint job or ready for a change, vehicle color change in CT with ImageFleet means you wrap with the best!  Contact us.