Your vehicle is so much more than a way to move yourself from place to place.

It speaks for you!  That machine is an avenue of self-expression and where you’re headed in life and you want everyone who sees you driving it to know.

Change keeps life interesting.  That’s also true of the color of your vehicle.  But you’re aware that the traditional way of achieving that (paint) is an exacting process which can take as long as 2 weeks.  Not only that – once the paint’s on, it’s permanent.

Let’s talk about a better way to do it!

Vehicle Color Change In NJ

When you’ve got an urge to express yourself with a styling new color for your vehicle, you don’t need  paint when you’ve got the goods about how wraps can be a quick, striking way to make a vehicle color change in NJ.

ImageFleet’s comprehensive suite of graphics services takes vehicle wraps to a brand new, technically superior level.

And here’s a thought that you might not have had yet – your vehicle’s paint will fade, so the color can look lifeless and dull.  You don’t even need to let that happen with a wrap for vehicle color change in NJ.  Wrap your vehicle and protect the original patina of your vehicle’s paint job.

That’s a perk!

And if you’ve ever tried to match your paint color after a collision, we know you’ll agree it’s no laughing matter.  New paint against paint that’s lost its mojo is a “tell” that can make resale difficult.

3M Certified Expertise

You’re getting the pinnacle of vehicle wrapping expertise when you come to ImageFleet for your vehicle color change in NJ.  Not every graphics provider can tell you they’re certified by 3M.

ImageFleet can.

We can say we’re certified because we met 3M’s precipitous standards to obtain that distinction.  Part of getting our 3M certification was wrapping a vehicle – in front of 3M’s adjudicators.

You bet that was stressful but here we are, 3M certified!

We passed the audition and now we can offer the quality, skill and expertise (that certification has official affirmed) to our customers.

ImageFleet offers you the quality only 3M certified graphics can.

Sleek and Stylish

When you’re itching for a vehicle color change in NJ, you want options.

And with a wrap, you get a limitless choice of colors, from the look of an Old School paint job to wraps that change color when seen from various vantage points and in the light as it changes.

What’s more, if you want to change color again or sell your vehicle with the original paint, all you need to do is bring that jalopy in to remove the wrap.  Because of the excellent quality of the products we deploy, from legends like 3M, Oracal and Avery, you get a seamless removal, every time.

Get the Look You Like

Whether you’re focused on protecting your new vehicle’s paint job or itching for a change, vehicle color change in NJ with ImageFleet wraps gets you there in style!  Contact us.