What No One Tells You About Vehicle Wraps

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You’re in the market for a vehicle wrap and you’re doing your homework.  That’s the right approach to take.

Because what no one tells you about vehicle wraps is that they’re not all created equal.  In fact, there’s a tremendous range of quality out there and you need to know about it before you decide which outfit’s going to wrap your vehicle.

We don’t like to brag, but ImageFleet is one of the most prolific, professional graphics shops around.  We’re certified by 3M and that takes some doing.  It’s no mean feat and what it means is that you’re getting superstar technicians who’ll give you the best result you can possibly hope for.

Read on to find out what separates ImageFleet from the competition.

Be Suspicious of Grandiose Claims

Beware of the company that makes grandiose claims about the life span of your vehicle wrap.  Vehicle wraps are designed to last about 5 years.  And when you think about it, isn’t that about the length of time that passes before you’re ready to freshen your brand?

Logos and typefaces don’t stay contemporary for long in a world that spins as fast as ours does.  So, know that a 5-year life span is advantageous.  3M’s warranty only specifies a 10-year lifespan for vertical surfaces and vehicle surfaces are both horizontal and vertical.  3M’s Controltac Film is only guaranteed for 5 years on horizontal surfaces.

Be suspicious of grandiose claims and double check them at the source of the product being discussed.

Cheap?  Not Good

A low price point is attractive to many people.  But remember that a low price point often means low quality.  That’s especially true if you’re considering saving money by not laminating your wrap prior to installation.

Bad idea.

While the inks used in latex print are built for endurance, choosing not to laminate means choosing reduced protection for your wrap from the elements and washing.  Sun, the potential for scratching and abrasion and the work of other environmental factors all take a toll that laminating your wrap can mitigate.

Know Your Materials

At ImageFleet, we work with industry leaders like Oracel, 3M and Avery.  These companies do significant research and development to ensure that their wraps are as durable and long lasting as possible.

If you’re shopping for a vehicle wrap and the graphics outfit you’re negotiating with isn’t revealing the source of the product they’re proposing for use, then feel free to ask.  Your vehicle is an asset for your business, so you need to know what graphics shops are using.  If they’re not offering the information freely, beware.

These are just a few of the things no one will tell you about vehicle wraps.  Knowledge is power, so use it to get the highest quality wrap you can on that company asset!


ImageFleet is your one-stop graphics source, specializing in superior vehicle wraps that get your brand noticed to grow your business.

We hope this brief discussion of vehicle wraps has helped you decide to give us call.

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