Competition is tough in today’s world and you have to make sure your business has an edge over your competitors’. This means advertising and spreading the word about your business to attract new customers. But advertising is expensive, especially if you consider traditional modes – radio, newspaper, static billboards, and TV.

Thankfully, you can now turn to an unconventional advertising method that offers value for your money and pronounces your business’ visibility and image. We are talking about car wraps in NJ.

Car wraps have helped small, medium, and large business improve their sales and profitability. If you are not using car wraps in NJ to promote your business, you are losing out on a lucrative mode of promotion and advertising.

Here are some ways how car wraps are helping businesses in New Jersey.

Mobile Mode of Advertising

Unlike radio, TV and newspaper ads, car wraps are mobile. Your advertisement goes wherever your car goes and this allows you to spread the word about your business over a larger geographic area. Also, the fact it is mobile, you have complete control over where you want to park your car and let prospective buyers know about your business.

Extremely Visible and Eye-Catching


Car wraps NJ are renowned for being vibrantly colored with high quality images and graphics. This makes them extremely visible and hard-to-ignore. So you can be certain your advertising message will be read and noticed by people. A single car wrap can garner anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 views in one day, according to Outdoor Advertising Association of America. This scale of visibility is hard to come by in any other form of advertising.

Exclusive Advertising Space

When you use car wraps in NJ to promote your business, you are not competing with other businesses, like what happens when you advertise in a magazine, newspaper, or static billboard. This means you can use the entire car to your advantage and advertise your NJ business the way you deem fit. With Image Fleet Graphics offering you high-quality and vibrantly colored images and graphics that can take the rigors of the elements without fading, you can rest assured knowing viewers will have eyes just for your advertisement.

Car wrapping Service are out-of-the-box advertising tool. Businesses that have used them have noticed a significant increase in their sales. So, why shouldn’t your business benefit from them? Just contact Image Fleet Graphics today to get the best car wraps in NJ and then watch your cash machine go ka-ching!

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